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Solar airships

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A very tentative alternative in air travel, with some prototypes currently in construction. The designs in play can carry up to about 250 kg & move not faster than 60 km/h.  A good start, perhaps.  The three projects that have got some media attention are the Spanish Turtle Airships, the French Projet Sol’R, and the American (I think) Helios Airships.

Helios seems to be the most business-savvy of the three, and a short report about them has been carried by Inhabitat last spring.  They’re trying to lure the big investment by offering their flagship (and currently largely imaginary) craft as an alternative for hauling cargo.  Extra points for snatching the domain name solarairship.net and topping the Google search results.  The other projects seemed to have started earlier, as they were featured in Wired two summers ago.  Sol’R is a student projet that was then going to fly their dirigible over la Manche (the English Channel), but got postponed, and postponed.  They’re still planning to do it and are totally psyched about how historical the flight will be.  Turtle say they are working on a transoceanic craft, and their blog says they hope to fly it long distance this year.  They seem to have the fewest details online about what they’re actually doing, which may be because they’re too busy making their ship, or because they’re too busy getting a clue.  With hope that it’s the former, ¡buena suerte!


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24 March 2011 at 21:23

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